Pengetahuan misterius Harut & Marut di Babilonia. Sebuah cobaan. Bisa memisahkan pasangan. 
Raja Sulaiman, cincin, perang salib, 

Conjuring higher power through incantations or mantras. 
Imbues power of faith to an object. Be like talisman, amulet, ring, etc. 

Teknologi. Canggih. 

Umumnya ada sihir hitam dan sihir putih. 

Kabbalah, voodoo, termasuk mistis, serta esoteris. Oh begitu pula di Islam. 

Western assumes middle east magic as white, because only works by most pious person and should that caster do something bad, they can NOT act on that 'white magic' again. Unlike in Western tradition, spell caster started as white caster that can change affiliation anytime. Try; Constantine, Supernatural.

Only works with God's permission. Increasingly powerful near end of times.

 Mostly trading soul with your wish. Usually involve lesser devil for agreement. Tricks and cheats is usual. Very dangerous risk. 

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